Saturday, December 17, 2011

Moving forward to 2012 soon....

Just leave 2 more weeks, we need to welcome our 2012 coming (izzit the end of world?)...But i m pretty sure that this is the end of the world for me, Bcos i am planning to resign but i still havent get any offer yet...damn it..

Worst of the worst...i goona to have bad impression toward this 2011 dec, because my purse was stolen by a Chinese man and he swap my credit card some more...OHH,,,fuck him and bless him in bad luck for the coming time....

My new yr resolution is same as last year,,,,I hope i get a new job soon...because i will transform to ms panda while i m still working at this comp....God , santa,,,Could you hear me???????

Many many THANK if my dream come true....Happy merry Christmas and Happy new year,,,,^^

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