Saturday, December 17, 2011

Moving forward to 2012 soon....

Just leave 2 more weeks, we need to welcome our 2012 coming (izzit the end of world?)...But i m pretty sure that this is the end of the world for me, Bcos i am planning to resign but i still havent get any offer yet...damn it..

Worst of the worst...i goona to have bad impression toward this 2011 dec, because my purse was stolen by a Chinese man and he swap my credit card some more...OHH,,,fuck him and bless him in bad luck for the coming time....

My new yr resolution is same as last year,,,,I hope i get a new job soon...because i will transform to ms panda while i m still working at this comp....God , santa,,,Could you hear me???????

Many many THANK if my dream come true....Happy merry Christmas and Happy new year,,,,^^

Sunday, April 3, 2011

working = no life or = money life?

has been working for 3 weeks....b honestly,,,reli tired. learning and on job training now, and need to prepare report also.but to me,,i m still ok with that..but the oni things bothering my mind is that my colleague and my manager relationship...three of them really worst and my colleague even plan to resign for new life.HOW CAN I HANDLE ALL alone...?

No1 will think and care for what your think....what to do? stay or leave? confusing ....i thought i got a good start in my life,,but now i m facing the biggest challenge in my 1st job...GOD,,if u still blessing me and know what happen to me...pls guide me to right way...i m totally lost...

Monday, February 7, 2011

after time to get back to real path

hi,world...happy moment always end fast but i already prepare myself to face all the challenge now. ^^v

"i love hong kong" is awesome and really funny like hell...laugh till die

"shaolin" is meaningful and touching movie...

Enjoy both movie very well...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I really need a chance from U...

No matter how, i won't give up and i will still try my best to find my dream job...nothing is impossible and i want to make my dream possible...GAMBATEH, LIM YEE WEON

Monday, January 10, 2011


They call me finally ...A chance to change my life....i should appreciate it well and i hope god blessing me this time....i decide to go ahead without worried........
lets get all this done ^^

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year Resolution

Happy new Year 2011....This is a great year to start because my dear Mr Phoon finally plan a trip for me,,,i wish everything will b fine especially my dear sister at UK..wish her worried will b gone soon and sunshine will always follow her....My parent, wish them stay healthy and peacefully. My 2nd sister, wish her job always happy and have a breakthrough in her life and also happily ever after with her Mr Toh....last but not least, my love, i wish him stay healthy since this is another busy year for him and also peaceful.

WAIT,,,Where is mine? I m to wish myself, Lim Yee Weon, you have to try your very best of the best to find job and never give up to all the challenge. Gambateh...^^

Wish everyone and my dear frends...all the best n dream come true...

Since i swear to change,,lets start with my new hair style...i love it very well...wish my future will be as gold as my hair color...^^v

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Miss UK so much suddenly...

Me and my sis hand made butter mable and fun

This babyroot salad...look weird..but once u taste it,,is damn nice...

my 2nd favourite, cabonara..This my sis secret recipe white source.delicious till unbelievable..^^

My favourite food, made by my lovely sister...cheese on top of the pasta...reli delicious...yummy

Finally,,,i sent out

really hope 2 have some luck now...just only for this...^^

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Looking my my future path^^

I have to start looking on my future career path now and then i really wish to work in my dream company and hope everything is going fine and smooth...pray hard hard now...

i have to be confidence toward myself since i believe i m a capable person,,(so far)...and then nothing is impossible since every1 also can make it and i trust that i won't worst than

gambateh ...Miss Lim Yee Weon....